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In the Network appeared the splash screen for the new Apple TV shot in different parts of the world [video]

In early September Apple presented the new generation TV box Apple TV. Digital player that can play streaming video from iTunes and mobile devices running iOS and OS X has received a powerful stuffing, the new remote control, Siri support and a new software platform tvOS-enabled games and applications. Interesting innovation of set-top box live steel screen saver shot in different cities around the world.

New Apple TV differs from its predecessors live screensavers. Developers with access to test versions of the device, 35 found superior cutscenes in high resolution taken from height of bird’s flight in China, United States, (new York, San Francisco), UK (London), as well as in Hawaii at different times of the day. View all live splash page British developer Benjamin Mayo at this link. When using Apple TV screen saver is activated in a random order.

It’s no secret that Apple wants its set-top box of the fourth generation became more attractive for Russian users. The company is negotiating with domestic online-cinemas and video about building native applications for the device. The project connected, Okko, Nemo TV, Ayyo, Megogo, Amediateka and other services.

Tellingly, the Russian video sharing app for the new Apple TV will have more opportunities than their current versions for the major mobile platforms and smart TVs. This will make the device more attractive for Russian users.

Apple TV will go on sale before the end of October in versions with 32 GB memory and 64 GB. The Junior model is $149; senior – $199. Russian price of the tablet and set-top box, as well as the date of their appearance in our country, have not yet been announced.

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