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In the Network appeared the site, which “kills” the iPhone, iPad and Mac

Web developers launch a website, which disables any Apple gadgets – iPhone, iPad and Mac. Open a specially prepared page in Safari freezes browser, and then the device itself.

Social media is gaining popularity mailing address Users of iOS devices under any pretext offer to open the link, and then he “disconnected” for a few minutes. On Mac at such moments there is a “rainbow wheel” of death. If the browser does not close immediately, the computer freezes completely.

The secret site is quite simple. The page contains the heading “What were you expecting?” and a small JavaScript code. The last thousand times accesses the HTML5 History API, which leads to crash Safari.

The crashing happens with History API on newest iOS 9.2.1 and OS X 10.11.3, as well as on most previous versions of the operating system Apple. Attempt to open the link in Chrome or Firefox results in a short freeze before the browser asks to stop the script. On Safari the locking mechanism does not work.

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