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In the Network appeared the screenshots of Cortana for iOS

Microsoft has started private testing of voice assistant Cortana for iOS. According to the website TechCrunch, the company has experienced a version of a function for half a year, and now rival Siri became available to a narrow circle of iPhone owners from the US and China.

Users wishing to join the beta testing version of Cortana, is required to fill out a questionnaire on the support forum of Microsoft Community and explain why they are interested. “We’re looking for a limited number of people who will be able to try out an early version of the app. It is important to keep in mind that this is the first public release Cortana for iOS beta. And now Cortana for iOS only available in the U.S. and China,” said in the post.

Judging by “spy” the screenshots, the iOS version of Cortana looks exactly like analogs 10 for Windows Mobile and Android. On alternative mobile platforms voice assistant Microsoft will be some limitations because this is not deep integration with the OS, like on Windows devices. For example, users will not be able to call the assistant with the command “Hey, Cortana”.

In Microsoft say that it is very proud of the work Cortana and want “advanced technology could try everyone” and not just Windows users 10. At the moment, the company from Redmond are only interested in people of the two countries are also participants of the program Windows Insider. When the version of Cortana for iOS will be available to all iPhone owners, is unknown.

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A beta version of Cortana allows you to create reminders, enter appointments in the calendar, track flights, send e-mails. However, in the coming months, the company promised to “regularly updating the app, expanding its capabilities and functionality”.

It is not clear when Microsoft is going to add support for Russian language. Cortana in Russian is not available even for Windows users.

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