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In the network appeared the first screenshots of Apple Music for Android

Music streaming service Apple Music recently was successfully launched on iPhone and iPad. Some time after the launch began to walk rumors that the service will soon be available to users of devices on Android. These rumors are confirmed, because today in the Network appeared the screenshots of the music app for the Apple mobile platform Google.

The app interface Apple Music showed German resource Mobilegeeks. As you can see, the navigation is realized in a different way than in the version for iOS. Access to all the sections opened by means of the side panel, not the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Apparently, Apple does not follow the Material Design language that is cherished by Google in recent versions of Android.

The screenshots were allegedly made by one of the users who received an invitation for beta testing the Android version of Apple Music. Invitations, according to some, was received by the users who have subscribed to the service Betabound. This service allows you to apply for participation in beta testing of various programs.

It is not clear when it was launched the beta test Apple Music to Android and how many people takes part in it. Each user who received the invitation has to answer a number of questions related to music. Some questions sound very weird, for example this: “If the rest of your life you could listen to only five albums, what would they be albums, and why?”.

Apple launched a streaming service at the end of June 2015. The first three months of the service free. The subscription price is 169 rubles for individual user and 259 rubles for the “family” subscription.

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Apple Music will be a second app for Apple Android. Earlier Apple has announced iOS app “Move to” to move data from Android phone to iPhone. The application was met with flurry of negative reviews, most of which are not relevant to the application, and contains criticism of the Corporation itself.

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