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In the network appeared the first photos of headphones the AKG, which will come bundled with the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung plans along with the new flagship Galaxy S8 to provide a model of fully wireless headphones. Confirmation of this information yet, but the network appeared the photographs, which depicted the bundled headphones new Korean phone.

Sources published photos of the new headphones, argue that the setup of the sound system to the experts of the company AKG. To doubt it is not necessary, as the AKG is part of Harman group, which Samsung acquired last year. And this brand can be seen on the headset imprinted on the images.

Earlier, commenting on the purchase of a Harman in Seoul said that the company AKG was founded by engineer and physicist, fascinated by the idea of creating high-quality sound. “Over 70-year history of the company’s microphones and headphones AKG took pride of place in studios and on stages at the most famous musicians, producers and DJs,” – said in Samsung. The company has more than 1,000 patents for over 300 inventions in the field of acoustics.

Samsung acquired the company Harman for $ 8 billion.

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