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In the network appeared pictures of the Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix with cut-out like in iPhone X

In Chinese social network Weibo appeared pictures of the new smartphone Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix. The device is an updated version of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, which was announced two months ago.

At the top of the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix is a kind of cut – the same as in the iPhone X . Borrowing the design of the iPhone is not for a company with something new. Battery life, signal strength and other system information will be located to the right of the neckline.

Cut on iPhone X contains the speaker, sensor face detection, front camera and other sensors. If you increase the exposure on one of the images Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix can be seen that smartphone in this area are the speaker, camera and possibly a light sensor.

Android apps not yet able to work with such cutouts. For example, in a Essential Phone has a similar cutout on the screen, and most applications just don’t “rise up” to him. And it turns out that the upper part of the display turns into a dead zone.

The accuracy of the images has not been officially confirmed.

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