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In the Netherlands there was a ground the light for those who cannot break away from the smartphone while walking

In some cities of the world there are special paths for cyclists, which sometimes is very convenient. But in the Netherlands there is one city that has gone further and with the aim of improving pedestrian movement established a special traffic lights for those citizens that are tied to their smartphones while moving through the streets.

Special traffic lights for smartphone users was seen in the city of Bodegraven, Reeuwijk. It projects on the ground bright red or green bar that needs to get into the field of view, even those who do not detached from the display of the mobile device. Apparently, the pointer is necessary for everyone’s safety, because if the smartphone can distract people while driving, it could distract them while walking.

The system is installed only in one place near the school, but in a short time, probably similar to the traffic lights you have to put everywhere. A similar system is already tested in Australia and Germany.

In 2014, National Geographic conducted an experiment: part of the sidewalk was marked with paint “Without phones” and the other “Phones to go on this sidewalk at your own risk”. It turned out, however, that people who are passionate about their smartphones usually don’t even notice such markings.

How these ideas will be useful in the big cities and, accordingly, will survive if — only time will tell. But their very appearance indicates another factor of influence of mobile electronics to the environment and society.

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