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In the Moscow subway there will be benches with chargers for smartphones

The Moscow metro began to develop a plan for the placement of chargers at the stations. About the appearance of outlets in metro said the first Deputy head of the Moscow Department of transport Gamid Bulatov.

“This year we plan to approve the concept and layout of outlets for charging mobile devices. I can say quite clearly that they will appear in refurbished and new stations. For example, at stations Mitino, Strogino”, “Novokosino”, “Kotelniki”, — declared damask steels in an interview with TASS.

Interestingly, users of the subway have to wear their wires for charging gadgets. The decision was made to minimize acts of vandalism.

“At the station “Tsvetnoy Bulvar” we plan to place benches with built-in chargers for gadgets. Then, most likely, we will consider the possibility of equipping the USB connectors of the subway cars. This will be the device with a weak voltage, to eliminate the possibility of injury,” – said Bulatov.

In November 2015 at the metro station “Kotelniki” dismantled and sent to the technical development of a special machine for charging mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.

As said the representative of the press service of the subway, “for two months of work in test mode, the project proved its relevance for use of this service in subway stations”. After the redesign, the new design will eliminate the wires for charging, will only have special ports for connecting the charger. This is necessary to minimize acts of vandalism.

So far, officials have not identified the entire list of stations, which will be designated for charging smartphones.

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