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In the media appeared information about the imminent announcement of the Apple car

In the days of the industry events in Frankfurt, which brought together leading automakers, receives more information on the attempts of it companies to take a seat in the promising market of vehicles with autopilot. In addition, your ambitions bears and Apple, at least if you believe the long-standing and persistent rumors.

The Guardian gained access to “secret” documents that testifies to the fact that in August of this year a meeting was held by Apple and several representatives of the Department of motor vehicles (DMV) California. According to the newspaper, this suggests that Apple is going to soon provide its own unmanned vehicle.

Apple predictably refused to comment, while representatives of the DMV concisely explained that in Cupertino wanted to see the list of requirements for Autonomous vehicles.

The very fact that the company has applied to the Department of motor vehicles suggests that she is already quite far advanced in the development of Project Titan. However, on the roads unmanned vehicle probably will have more soon. The message most likely indicates that California giant really interested in the issue of an unmanned vehicle, but tries to keep his intentions secret.

Some sources claim that Apple is clearly aware of the failure in the shortest possible time to master the production of vehicles without the support of the experienced market players. Expected to go into mass production cars Apple wanted for five years. The experience of “e-mobile” suggests that some ambition and money in this case is not enough. In addition to Tesla, the potential can become a partner of Apple and BMW – the company from Cupertino has already expressed to the German specialists admiration for the work done in preparation for the release of the i3 electric car.

Apple even has vacant lots in San Jose that can be used for the construction of production facilities, which will produce car. To master the production of “from scratch” in the short term is problematic, and therefore Apple can attract partners from experienced manufacturers. However, not all of them want to be trite contract manufacturer, so alliances at Apple can take precious time.

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