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In the iOS Apple Store app appeared new year “Easter eggs”

I think the Apple engineers appeared in the Christmas mood. They recently released an update for iOS apps the Apple Store with a hidden “Easter eggs”. It is reported 9to5Mac.

In order to detect it, you just need to enter the application, click on the search button in the upper right corner and enter let it snow. After that, from the top of the screen will be snow, and when you shake your device, the snowflakes will begin to whirl, as in a glass bowl.

The Apple company usually are not happy users of “Easter eggs” in their products, so such a small thing in the Apple Store app is quite nice. The first “Easter eggs” I noticed a reddit user, and Rene Ritchie has posted in Instagram a short video showing it.

In anticipation of the New year, the editors MacDigger advises to please each other gifts. In order for readers to not break your head “What to put under the tree the owner of the iPhone,” we have made a special selection.

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