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In the Internet appeared the video disassembly iPhone X

On 3 November started official sales of the iPhone X. as long as people line up for the anniversary of Apple’s smartphone, the Internet began to appear a video with the process of complete disassembly of the device.

This time, the video was removed not the guys from iFixit, and Chinese craftsmen, but it does not prevent to evaluate the design of the revolutionary smartphone.


Design iPhone X is not much different from previous models. Traditionally, disassembly begins with the dismantling of the display. The separation of the screen you have to be careful, because it is attached to the system Board from the right side.

After removing the display the first thing that catches the eye is the unusual design of the battery. IPhone X it is double, instead of the usual monolithic. But its capacity is relatively small. Most likely, this design solution was aimed at more efficient use of space inside the device.

Another distinctive feature of the internal organization of the iPhone X is surprisingly small motherboard.

Soon the Internet should appear more detailed and high-quality video disassembly iPhone X.

Official sales of the anniversary of the smartphone was launched today, and the queues outside Apple stores have begun to form a few days before the start of sales.

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