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In the game Pokemon Go added new pokemon [video]

Company Niantic kept his promise and added a game Pokemon Go pokémon, among which Pichu and Togepi from the Pokemon games Gold and Silver, and Pikachu in a red Santa hat.

Pikachu in a red cap you can catch up to 29 December 2016. And the chance to face the new year beast is pretty great. Anyone can “collect them all” is urgently recommended to undertake searches: to the complexities of the task to be not have to.

As for Pichu and Togepi, then catch them on the street impossible. We are talking about pokemon-cubs — a special stage of evolution. To get them from eggs does not work, in order for them to hatch, you must put them in the incubator and go-enabled game a few kilometers.

Of course, many players in Pokemon Go counted on a far more ambitious replenishment of the population. But Niantic has already promised that in the next few this will add a lot more new pokemon.

Game Pokemon Go was released in the summer of 2016 and become a mobile phenomenon. In Russia, officially it is still inaccessible, although starts and runs.

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