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In the Flash composition is found critical vulnerability, Adobe promises to release a patch next week

Trend Micro is found in the composition of the Flash Player versions from (and possibly earlier) until released this week a zero-day vulnerability. It is used by hacker group Pawn Storm to be silently installed malware on victims ‘ computers.

According to the developers, a number of ministries of foreign Affairs have received phishing emails. They contain links to sites supposedly with news about current events in the world, with titles like “Controlled by the government forces of Syria’s territory expands”, “Russia promises response to the deployment of American nuclear missiles in Syria and Putin expressed support for airstrikes on Syria”. Actually on these sites you’ll be using the vulnerability exploit.

Group Pawn Storm was mentioned earlier by carrying out attacks in Russia and infecting Apple mobile devices in the Western governments and news agencies. Adobe confirmed the vulnerability and its catalog has assigned the number CVE-2015-7645.

Users are encouraged to limit the use of Flash Player on the web sites because the infection popular services and attack their visitors is a common practice. Safest option would be complete removal of Flash Player from your computer.

Recently released security bulletins for Flash Player, contains fixes for 13 vulnerabilities, not correct this breach. Adobe confirmed the vulnerability and promised to release a patch next week.

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