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In the fall of sales of the iPhone accused design three years ago

On Tuesday, Apple published financial statements for the second quarter of 2017. Revenue increased from $50.2 billion to $52.9 billion, and net income amounted to $11 billion. the disparity between the forecasts of analysts led to a decline in the value of Apple stock because iPhone sales were below expectations – 50.76 million vs. 51.2 million a year earlier.

Apple CEO Tim cook blamed the drop in sales of rumors about the upcoming iPhone models. Certainly, leaks about radically updated smartphone played a role and some of the people really decided to wait until September. But the iPhone 7 itself may have disappointed consumers due to outdated design, analysts say BGR.

After the release of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in September last year, many observers have called the new “boring”, was similar to the previous iPhone 6s and iPhone 6. Weekly testing devices, of course, changed the idea of the iPhone 7, but many continue to judge a book by its cover.

Since the days of the iPhone 3GS, which was released in 2009, Apple has taught users that the design will be updated every two years. Because 2015 was the year of the “S” iPhone 7 in 2016 had to offer completely rethought the look in addition to all the new features. Instead, Apple presented the same iPhone 6 new colors to choose from.

Well, apparently, not everyone have enough colors in the new flagship lineup.

“Overall, what we see is a pause in the purchases of the iPhone, and this, we believe, is due to a number of early leaks about the upcoming iPhone,” said Tim cook.

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Rumors, of course, affect the sales of the current flagship of Apple, but smartphones are updated every year. iPhone is one of the most popular devices in the world, so people want to know what happens next. Details about the smartphone are beginning to appear much earlier announcement, and in this respect the iPhone 8 is no exception.

This time the rumors have already leaked, talking about completely re-engineering the design using glass and steel. It is expected that the device will have OLED display, ultra-thin frame around the screen and a built-in display panel fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Meanwhile, the current iPhone look exactly like the iPhone from 2015, which in turn are no different from iPhone of 2014.

50.76 million smartphones sold – a huge number. In the last quarter Apple earned $11 billion in Cash reserves increased to $256,8 billion, more than a quarter trillion dollars. But if you try to explain the decline in iPhone sales, perhaps you should think about the design of the 3-year-old, analysts say.

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