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In the factories of Foxconn are already 10 fully automated Assembly lines, plans to replace the robots all employees

The largest contract partner of Apple, Foxconn is actively reducing the number of workers. As part of the phased automation of production employees be replaced by robots.

According to the head of division of company of automation of production processes Give Jia Peng, Foxconn has developed a plan consisting of three phases.

In the first stage the company plans to replace the workers in hazardous areas or where employees are forced to perform repetitive routine operations. The second stage involves improving the efficiency through optimization of production lines. In the Chinese factory Foxconn, where iPhone, already the bulk of the work is done by robots.

“In the factories the company is already operating 10 production lines, including the Chengdu plant, plant for the Assembly of monoblock PC and LCD monitors in Chongqing, Western China, and CNC-line in Zhengzhou” – indicates the edition.

The third and final stage, according to the company there will be a full automation in the factories of Foxconn and the minimization of the number of employees who will remain only in the areas of logistics, product testing and production control.

Foxconn is already using robots as auxiliary nodes on the lines for the Assembly of the iPhone. Machines are used in parallel with workers performing the most basic operations — the tightening of screws, the installation of blanks in fixing polishing etc. At the same time, the quality control and General Assembly of smartphones performs numerous staff of Foxconn.

At Foxconn are confident that in the future robots will be cheaper than human labor. Although automation requires time-consuming reprogramming of the robots to perform tasks beyond their original functions.

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That is why these labor markets like China, employees are still cheaper than robots. But at Foxconn understand that in order to remain competitive, companies will have to sooner or later go to full automation.

In the past year, the company’s collector iPhone employed 1.2 million employees, which makes Foxconn one of the largest employers in the world.

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