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In the “Beeline” said that “the law of Spring will leave Russia without 5G

The Russian President signed a package of anti-terrorist amendments, risks leaving Russia without a fifth generation networks. This is the opinion of the management of the operator “Beeline”. By words a press-the Secretary of the company Anna Aybasheva, operators simply do not have funds for the development of new technologies.

“Indeed, we have repeatedly warned about the possible consequences that can feel all subscribers, all customers, all of us, if the “Spring package” will be implemented in its current form. All of these risks, we have carried on the highest level, and the public, I think, is well aware of them. Now we hope that the government, as the body charged with implementing this bill, will enter into a dialogue with operators”, – said the representative of “Beeline” in the air of Life.

According to Aybasheva, the company hoped that the authorities will hear the opinion of the operators, since it reflects the interests of the General public and especially the subscribers. “Each of the operators and their tens of millions, of course, we would like to avoid the higher prices for communication services, because it requires huge costs from all operators,” she said.

“Operators simply do not have funds for maintenance of the network and the development of new technologies and services – believe in the “Beeline”. – Now a lot of talk about 5G. The question of how it will be implemented. And we expect that operators will hear, and also hope that the dialogue with the government in the near future will take into account all these adjustments”.

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According to the amendments, the Telecom operators and Internet companies are obliged for a period of up to six months to save text message conversations users, as well as “images, sounds, video, and other messages. Information about the facts of reception, transmission, delivery and processing of messages and calls, mobile operators will have to store three years.

At the end of June the representatives of mobile operators said that after the entry into force of the law will force them 2-3 times to raise rates. According to experts, the cost of operators for the purchase of necessary equipment and other associated with the implementation of new laws the cost will be about 2.2 trillion rubles.

Before that the operators of the “big four” had sent a letter with a request to reject the bill. They stressed that new requirements are not feasible from both technical and economic points of view.

The Kremlin fears of mobile operators about the cost of implementation of the package of anti-terrorist amendments Spring consider groundless. This was stated press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. “This excessive response is baseless, because it created the necessary preconditions for mutual work, in order to determine how to implement the law,” he said.

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