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In the application Quick Look for macOS discovered vulnerability

Quick Look is a great utility for previewing documents of different formats, but it can endanger the encrypted data.

One of the researchers in the field of security Wojciech Regula told The Hacker News that there is a mistake in the utility to preview files in macOS.

When the user opens or creates a document, the operating system caches it and saves a copy, which later opens in Quick Look.

According to the Regulation, when a user opens any document with preview, the utility creates a copy of the file and stores in an unencrypted form, even if the original file was encrypted.

To confirm their point of view, Wojciech uploaded the same document on two hard drives. One was encrypted using special software, the other using standard encryption techniques for the Apple operating system. Then, by entering into the terminal the same team it opened the access to the folder where he kept all cesereanu files unprotected. They all got there because of the preview feature in the system.

This means that every document that was predprosmotrom with Quick Look can see all who have access to a computer. For most users this is not such a serious threat. However, recently in macOS too often find vulnerabilities. For example, on may 14 were found able to read encrypted emails in the standard email client. And in November 2017, any person with physical access to the computer could get any files up to the system.

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