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In the Apple Watch Series 3 wheel Digital Crown will move in three directions

Apple Watch first generation had many good ideas, but still the gadget, and its software needed some work in many ways. In the second modification of smart-watches have become so, what was supposed to be: with a responsive interface, increased battery life and waterproof body. In the Apple Watch Series 3 Apple developers implement new ideas, add new hardware and software features.

In the Apple Watch, the company made a very educated decision, abandoning the attempt to fit all the controls on a tiny screen. Instead, many interface functions watchOS controlled by rotation of a mechanical wheel Digital Crown, which you can use to navigate quickly through the lists and manage applications. According to a new patent Apple, in Cupertino intend to widen the Digital Crown.

Now the digital crown of the Apple Watch, you can twist and press to return to the home screen and bring up Siri. In the following models the Apple Watch it will turn into a joystick that can move in three directions.

Apple describes several examples of implementation of new features the Digital Crown. As is known, the direction of scrolling or zooming and their intensity may depend on the direction and magnitude of rotation. With a new wheel speed scrolling or zooming will be proportionally depend on the change of the rotation angle of the Digital Crown. Or, for example, the speed of angular rotation of the crown. The ability to move the Digital Crown up and down or side to side gives the user more possibilities to interact with the interface watchOS.

Apple’s patent application does not exclude the fact that the wheel Digital Crown can be used not only in “smart” hours, but in tablets, smartphones and other devices.

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