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In the Appendix of “Vkontakte” will appear for dinner, taxis and movie tickets

In a mobile application “Vkontakte” for iOS and Android will be a new item “Services”, which will be available in a variety of applications, including service for ordering food Delivery Club. About this report “Izvestia” with reference to informed sources.

“VKontakte” plans to significantly expand the range of services to users. The social network intends to sign agreements with major Russian services, specializing in various services. Soon in the mobile app appears in “Services”, which will be collected by the various services. There will be a food ordering service Delivery Club, ordering of tickets Kinohod and service taxi (Yandex.Taxi and Gettaxi).

“We constantly think about improving our service — said managing Director of Delivery Club Andrei Lukashevich. And of course, we think about possible synergies within the group [ Group]. Including with social networks.”

The main purpose of the administration of “Vkontakte” — to ensure that users spent more time on the social network. To do this, in December 2016, it launched the category of “Goods”. Here displays the listings from the user’s friends and friends of friends. If you want to find some specific thing, you can search the listings all of the users of social networks and communities of “Vkontakte”. The buyer can search by name and description of the product, specify the category, price and region.

To allow users to exchange money in September 2016 in the social network was launched the money transfer service. It can be used to pay for “Goods”.

In a press-service “Vkontakte” and Group has not commented on the plans of the social network.

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