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In the App Store came the game in which gays and lesbians are fighting each other [video]

The App Store has been released the world’s first LGBT-fighting. A game called Gay Supreme Fighter available on iPhone and iPad for the price of 120 rubles. The slogan of the game project: “the Most merciless LGBT fight America”.

Ten wrestlers embody all the known stereotypes about members of the LGBT community. Among the heroes there and the lesbian Sappho Ethridge, and dancer Gogo Gary, and transvestite diva Carrie Cupcake.

“The idea came when my gay friends have discussed with them our love for the 90s,” says the author of the fighting game Michael Patrick. – All the characters make fun of stereotypes. We wanted to create a kind of “wild” gay parade,” said co-author of the game Melchor Cardenas. “It’s just satire. We did not intend to offend anyone”, he added.

Originally the game was called Ultimate Gay Fighter. However, the developers had to change the name because of claims from an unnamed company to promote mixed fights. According to the authors of the game, the latter worried that UGF has tarnished the image of its mobile and TV brand. The developers were unable to defend themselves from the attacks of the “big billion-dollar company”.

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