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In the App Store and iTunes there was a possibility of payment via PayPal

Apple was allowed to make purchases in online stores iTunes and App Store with popular payment service PayPal. This is stated in the official statement.

It is known that for payment in the iTunes can be used bind a credit card to Apple ID. In some cases it is more convenient to use PayPal. As of the publication on the company website, Apple now provides such an opportunity.

You can use PayPal to pay for iTunes, App Store and Apple Music for purchases made using Apple mobile devices. If you make payment through PayPal payment method by default, you can use it even on Apple TV and Apple Watch. It is available the One Touch feature is it possible to confirm the purchase with a fingerprint scan.

While the ability to pay for services using PayPal is the residents of USA and Canada, but PayPal is promising that in the future the list will fill up and other countries.

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