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In Thailand has released a mobile application for those who have decided to quit Smoking

A special application for smartphones to help those who quit Smoking, released in Thailand. The program in different ways constantly reminds the owner that he decided to refuse from tobacco, thus supporting its determination.

“This app is a kind of guide for those who decided to quit on their own. Although it should be understood that it only works if the person really decided to get rid of bad habits” – quoted TASS the head of the Fund “In support of the healthy Thailand” Sucheta Rungruangpanit.

The app is free for iOS and Android users and is intended to provide smokers with valuable tips on how to overcome the addiction. Throwing to smoke will gradually be able to record the number of cigarettes smoked per day, and then look at the dynamics. To draw conclusions on the basis of the charts again will help “smart” program.

According to “healthy Thailand”, 12 of the 67 million Thais susceptible to nicotine addiction. As evidenced by public opinion polls, almost half of them would like to quit Smoking. The hotline Fund monthly calls 50 000 smokers to seek support and assistance.

The Kingdom hosts one of the world’s toughest rules for tobacco producers, regulate the design of cigarette packs. The size of the pictures, warning about the dangers of Smoking, is more than 80% of the surface of the package. The content of these images is extremely realistic and is able to disgust even the most reserved people. Cigarettes in Thai stores don’t sell open, the tray is always closed from the eyes of the buyer. About the availability of tobacco products it is necessary to ask the seller. Many foreigners have noted the “extremely low” quality of Thai cigarettes – even the world-famous brands, produced and bought here, really different from their overseas counterparts for the worse, causing the cough in smokers with the experience.

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One of the last blows, which the Thai government has inflicted on the fans to breathe, for the cost of cigarettes. From 10 February, the excise duty has been increased by 3%, as a result, the cost of a pack should increase from five to 10 baht (14 and 28 cents).

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