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In Telegram appeared self-destructing messaging and extended profiles

Popular Telegram messenger received a major upgrade to version 4.2 and three important new features: self-destructing messages, the use of CDN network for sharing files and adding new information to the user profile.

Self-destructing messages

When sending multimedia messages such as photos or videos, users can now specify the “lifetime” during which they will be available to the interlocutor. After this time the content is automatically deleted. And in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, Telegram will notify the sender if another user made a screenshot of the temporary messages.

CDN network

For caching files that users share in public chat rooms Telegram, is used CDN-content delivery network, which allows several times to speed up the data transfer. In addition, this technology will get enhanced security through encryption of the content specific keys. The only limitation is that a CDN network will be used only for work with files in the public chat of 100 and more thousand people.

Extended profile

Telegram users can now add more personal information which I would like to share with other people. On the tab “Profile” there is a new Bio box in which you can write a few lines about yourself. The limit on the size of the text — 70 characters, including spaces. Will have to be concise and to fit all the important literally in baltvita.

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