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In SwiftKey keyboard added “politically correct” emoticons and Emoji with a gesture Spock

The developers of SwiftKey — one of the best alternative keyboards for iOS expanded the capabilities of the program. A new version of the app, which debuted in the App Store, includes a new set of smileys with different colors of skin, Emoji with a gesture of “Live long and prosper”, as well as a number of improvements in stability.

In the 1.3.3 update, the developers have introduced a new set of smileys with flags, images of same-sex couples, as well as a series of icons of different skin colors. Separately, the company said on gesture Spock, support which is stated in iOS 8.3. Icon has been approved by the Unicode Consortium Association, which is responsible for the assignment of characters Unicode codes.

Gesture Spock first appeared in the second season of the TV series “Star trek”, together with the phrase “Live long and prosper”. He’s being hand raised palm forward with a divorced middle and ring finger and extended thumb. The gesture was invented by actor Leonard Nymoen, who played Spock. A similar gesture he saw in the synagogue, where he had gone with his parents in childhood.

SwiftKey supports over 60 languages, including Russian, English, French, Italian, Ukrainian, etc. For the Russian language is supported as a function of Flow, which allows you to print, gliding his fingers over the buttons, and Flow Through Space to quickly insert a space between words.

SwiftKey is among the most popular alternative keyboards on iOS. It was downloaded several million times. The main feature SwiftKey that it guesses what word is trying to enter, and using the built-in dictionary displays frequently used words first. This way you can gain with high speed, whole phrases and sentences without lifting your finger from the screen.

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The new version of SwiftKey with the new icon set can be downloaded for free at this link.

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