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In St. Petersburg two men beat COP for MacBook Air

Who would have thought that the theft of the MacBook Air will end up in a fistfight with the police with the use of an air gun and two criminal cases. The plot of the story, as noted by KP, it could be the script for the new series “Streets of broken lamps”.

It all started quite peacefully. 22-year-old Anton, an unemployed resident of the Pskov region, while in St. Petersburg, stole a MacBook and posted on the website the announcement of its sale. The ad was found by the police, who were called at that number and under the guise of customers agreed to meet in the Alexander Park. For the purchase of the police came, the three of us and for good reason. The thief came to the meeting with his friend Michael.

Militiamen told them to surrender. Anton tried to escape, and Michael pulled out a pneumatic pistol “PM” and struck one of the employees on the head. In the end of friends was initiated two criminal cases, one for theft and one for assault on a police officer. Both cases are sent to court.

Criminals in St. Petersburg is not the first time problems arise because of the “Apple” technique. Last year In the Petrograd district police “hot pursuit” detained two suspects in a street robbery, setting the location of the robbers with the help of Find My iPhone.

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