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In Snapchat appeared advertising that cannot be skipped

In Snapchat there was a 6-second promotional video that can not be missed, according to 9to5Mac. The company had previously been against this type of advertising.

In the first ads promoting movies, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and drink Snapple. Advertising only appears in the section “the Show” are creating partners Snapchat. While it is unknown whether the company plans to show similar ads in other areas of the application.

As noted by 9to5Mac, with the help of the new format Snapchat hopes to attract more brands. However, one of the problems is that in ad you cannot add a link to your website or a longer story. It’s just a 6 second video which you cannot skip, so it can create issues with tracking the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

For the first time, advertising on Snapchat appeared in 2014, and then the company was strongly opposed to the users are unable to skip ads. But this business model was unsuccessful.

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