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In Saudi Arabia iPhone 6 exploded a teenager in a pants pocket

The teenager in Saudi Arabia exploded iPhone 6. Gadget was in the pocket of his pants. At a time when bin Abdul al-harbi tried to get out the keys, he heard a loud Bang and clothes ignited. The gadget is half melted, and the boy received burns of varying severity and were hospitalized.

In Saudi Arabia, the child was saved from serious injury when his iPhone 6 exploded right in his pocket, according to Emirates247. As a result, he received first degree burns of the upper part of the thigh. The boy was taken to hospital, where he received the necessary treatment.

Relatives of the boy said that he was there when the incident occurred. Abdullah bin al-harbi was holding the iPhone 6 in the pocket of my pants when suddenly the smartphone exploded and parts of the phone shattered, tore the clothes and causing burns to the child.

As stated by the father of the victim, he bought the iPhone 6 for my son in one of the electronics stores in the Jebel Ali. According to him, he has no doubt that the smartphone is original.

A similar incident occurred this week in Hong Kong. The owner of the burned iPhone 6 Plus told how at night, about midnight, I put the device on charge, and at 8 am woke up from a loud Bang. Opening her eyes, she saw that the smartphone is lit and out of billowing smoke.

In his statement to reparation aimed at Apple, the woman pointed at what used exclusively branded accessories to charge your phone, including the adapter and cord. The victim received no injury and claim for compensation only value came in defective condition iPhone.

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