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In San Francisco complain about the shortage of trees – Apple bought all for their campus

In anticipation of the opening of the new headquarters Apple Park planned for the current month, a California Corporation has placed a new order trees. And bought everything that was in San Francisco.

According to the publication Quartz, the iPhone maker has literally created a shortage on trees throughout the state of California. Over the past few months, the company bought 3,000 trees and moved them to the closed nurseries. It’s only a third of the planned: in total, Apple Park have planted 9,000 trees.

Local residents complain that behind trees hunt began: people are forced to drive around the state in search of the necessary, and immediately to buy. Otherwise, the tree will buy Apple. Landscape designers Adam Greenspan and Patrick Trollope had to go to Portland, Oregon to find 469 trees for your project. So the trees have never competed.

“When Greenspan and Trollip found the tree they had marked it with a yellow label that no one else, like Apple, couldn’t take it. Finally, all marked trees were transported to the nursery Sunol, where the project team rented a 4 acre”, – writes the edition.

According to the creators Apple Park, a large part of the campus should be planted with trees. In the “Park” will grow oak trees and peach trees. Apple — unusual variety for the area, so on campus, they will not. It is also worth noting that Apple does not buy for planting seedlings and adult trees, therefore the deficit on them.

Recall, Apple is going to relocate employees at Apple Park later this month. The entire process will take six months.

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