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In Russian schools will forbid the use of gadgets with Internet access

A ban on the use of children in schools personal gadgets with Internet access to be included in the contract on rendering of educational services. About Pavel Astakhov said at a regional teachers ‘ meeting in Novosibirsk. Thus, says children’s Ombudsman, to protect children from harmful information.

“You need to enter into a contract for the provision of services paragraph about the ban on the use of personal devices with access to the Internet,” said Astakhov. In his opinion, if the parents do not agree, the contract should be made to the paragraph on removing from teachers the responsibility for the possible consequences.

According to the children’s rights activist, only five months of 2015 in the Internet revealed 283 violations that pose a threat to the child. The threat to the life and health of children is information, to encourage them to consumption of alcohol, tobacco, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. Also it includes information denying family values that contain obscene language and pornographic nature. Now the potential ban is discussed in the Ministry of education, said the Ombudsman.

Denis Davydov, Chairman of the Board of the League of secure Internet, supported the initiative Astakhov.

“With all the associated problems of the modern younger generation in the form of abstract attention, clip thinking, reducing cognitive abilities, memory loss are the result of active use of gadgets, – says Davydov. – Limit their use at least in schools will benefit children, their intellectual, moral and spiritual development. Internet access to social networks, entertainment resources, video resources at the school should not be. It doesn’t help the learning process, but rather detracts from it”.

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According to Davydov, the initiative has already been implemented in a number of Moscow schools. The children leave their gadgets in special cells, and after school they are taken away.

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