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In Russian Instagram ads will appear

At the end of September in the Russian segment of Instagram will see the official advertisement. This was written by the newspaper “Kommersant” on Thursday, September 24.

The head of the seller IMHO Vi Ilya Alekseyev said that now the parties are discussing with Facebook – owned network Instagram about the pricing of advertising in Russia. American company sells advertising in dollars, and at the current exchange rate the price of contact at the site is significantly higher than other social networks. Alekseev assured that when addressing these issues, the parties will come to agreement.

Currently undergoing closed testing ads in Instagram, outdoor test run ads scheduled for the 30th of September with static formats. Thus, the user when scrolling tape instead of regular photos to see the picture marked “advertisement”, which will lead to the advertiser account. Later is expected to be tested with the launch of video formats.

On 23 September the social network Instagram announced that its number of users has exceeded 400 million people, every day in the network publishes more than 80 million photos and put 3.5 trillion likes. According to TNS Russia, mobile audience Instagram in Russia in July was 5,86 million, or 22.7% of the urban population of 700 000 inhabitants aged 12-64 years. From computers website Instagram went 3,945 million, or 15.3%.

The figure of 400 million users was reached in less than a year after the audience of the service has exceeded 300 million people. Over half of the 100 million people who joined the service during this time, live in Europe or Asia. The largest number of new service users gave to Brazil, Japan and Indonesia.

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