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In Russian “cyber Monday” of more expensive goods was more than discounts

The Service “Yandex. Market” has studied how favorable were offered Russian online discounts on “cyber Monday”. The event was held in Russia on 25 January.

Studied according to “Yandex. Market” product categories and shopping discounts “cyber Monday” has affected only 9% of stores. With twice as many goods (18% of the range) became more expensive.

“Cyberpowerinc” was held on January 25, marketing in the action participated more than 100 stores, the promoter is the Association of companies of Internet Commerce (AKITA). Bulk sale of electronics was held in Russia for the fourth time. According to the terms of the promotion, in this day of Internet shopping exactly a day reduced the cost of production. The sale was attended by over hundreds of companies, including: “Hardware”, “220”, “Svyaznoy”, “M. Video”, “Eldorado”, Lamoda, MediaMarkt, OTTO, “Sportmaster”, “”, Enter, KupiVIP, Baon, Mebelion and many others.

“Yandex.Market” has examined the goods price ten online stores mentioned on the official website of the sales. Studied categories of products: mobile phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, smart watches, hair dryers, blenders, drills-screwdrivers, refrigerators, mens shaver. Compare prices for 10 am on 25 January, and on a normal day. As usual was taken Thursday 21 January.

“Sellers often put up discounts on non-tradable goods than on popular. Popular models often are more expensive,” said analysts. For example, popular models of TVs discounts sold 8%, 19% cost, on the contrary, increased. Among other models of televisions 11% cheaper, and 16% — more expensive. “As a result, the average price of products in different categories either slightly decreased or slightly increased”, – the authors summarize the review.

The average discount on electronics and household appliances (main product category by sales in the Russian online trading) amounted to “cyber Monday” 14% (among the goods during the campaign fell by 5% or more), by data “Yandex. Market.”

The biggest discounts were on the already inexpensive small appliances, according to a review of: hair dryers, shavers, blenders were sold at an average discount of 18-19%.

“Cyber Monday” has raised the turnover of online trading in Russia, but the results were more modest marketing promotions like “Black Friday”, which took place in November 2015, according to analysts Data Insight. If in November, half of the participants managed to increase its sales 2.2 times, and more, this Monday the majority of shops are running sales, the growth in the number of orders (compared to the level of the last working days of the previous week) was less than 50%. “Only a quarter of the stores were able to increase sales more than 2 times”, – analysts estimated.

Russian “cyber Monday” is held by analogy with the U.S., which falls on the first Monday after thanksgiving in November. The turnover of Russian companies in the course of the marketing campaign generally much more modest. So, during the American “cyber Monday” in 2015 online retailers received a record the day’s earnings – at $3.07 billion.

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