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In Russia will create a heavy-duty laptop processors “Baikal”

Russian developers have given a grant for the creation of a heavy-duty laptop. The company “T-Platforms” claims that the device will be capable of operating in a temperature range from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius after exposure to water, strong impacts and vibrations.

The company intends to create two options for laptops: one on the basis of processor-based Baikal-M Russian company “Baikal electronics”, and the other on an Intel processor. The laptop is Intel-based needs of corporate customers that already have the infrastructure to facilitate the transition to the domestic equipment. In the basic configuration the laptop will run on Linux.

“If we are going to develop our economy, we need to own technology, not to localize imported, namely to produce their own equipment. The second important issue is information security, here is a crucial defence against terrorism”, — said the Chairman of the Association of manufacturers of electronic equipment and devices Svetlana Apollo.

Funds for the development in the amount of 150 million rubles, the company “T-Platforms” received from the Ministry of industry and trade. The total amount requested by the company subsidy is 450 million Russian rubles to 2019. The remaining funds will be approved by a separate application. On the development laptop, according to the company, you will need at least a year.

It is assumed that protected laptops will be used in the oil and gas cycle, drilling companies, geological expeditions, in the shops, where there is production, and in regions with extreme temperatures.

This is not the first such Russian project. The United instrument Corporation (OPK) is designed rugged for airborne. The laptop has a 3G/4G modem without binding to the cellular operator. In addition, you can connect a satellite antenna. Encrypted information can be transmitted even with a normal landline telephone.

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