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In Russia want to ban VPNs and proxies due to bypass of locks

Russia has developed a bill to ban in Russia, VPN, anonymizers and other services, which you can use to access blocked sites. It was initiated by a group of officials, which may include representatives of Roscomnadzor and “Media-communication Union.”

According to the publication “Vedomosti”, the disposal of which is the text of the document, the bill proposes to amend the freedom of information act and the Code of administrative offences. The authors of the document propose to oblige anonymizers and VPN services to cooperate with the registry of banned sites Roskomnadzor to block access to the addresses contained therein. Those projects whose owners will not cooperate, will be blocked.

The document also proposes to introduce liability for search engines who give links to sites that are blocked for the distribution of prohibited information. For refusing to do this, the search engine faces a fine of up to 700 000 rubles.

In the description of the bill, the authors complain that the current practice leads to a lack of effectiveness of the lock — the problem is due to proxy and VPN systems. These technologies should not be banned, but their activities need to restrict, they suggest.

Sources are unable to pinpoint the authors of the document: among them indicate Roskomnadzor and lawyers “Media-communication Union”, which includes the largest media holdings and Telecom operators. The first executes the initiative of the security Council of Russia, and the second concerned with the spread of pirated materials on the officially blocked sites, interlocutors of the newspaper.

In April 2017, it was reported about the attempt of Roskomnadzor to negotiate with the VPN services on cooperation with the registry of banned sites. For example, the head of the project HideMe told that the Agency is without such agreement, refused to remove a lock from an anonymizer, despite the fact that he was removed from his website banned by the court materials.

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