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In Russia, want to allow a mass installation of the jamming of cellular communication during the exam

The Ministry of communications and mass communications is going to allow mass installation of jamming devices in the places of holding the exam in 2017. About this newspaper “Vedomosti”.

According to methodical recommendations of the service points of the examinations (PPE) can be equipped with a system of signal suppression in mobile communications, however, the decision is to be made by the regional authorities. Perhaps in some areas, this equipment was installed, but the mass use of jamming until it was, said the source in the operators.

It is expected that the final decision will be in March. If the state Commission for radio frequencies approves the installation of “jamming”, for the conversion of 5,500 schools throughout Russia will need up to 200 million rubles.

Cellular operators fear that the massive use of jammers in all schools at the same time may suffer as a cellular network. They note that they will have to incur additional costs. Operators will need to change the network coverage in areas of the state examination, as at present, to drown out the signal only within the school, without affecting nearby subscribers, is unlikely.

For the first time about the possibility of using “jamming” on the exam talked about in 2016. Some schools even managed to purchase the necessary equipment. But then Roskomnadzor fined educational institutions, took advantage of the blocker signal, as it was not sanctioned GRCC.

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