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In Russia there was a gold Apple Watch with Putin’s signature

Russian-Italian brand Caviar, famous for exclusive modificatie iPhone, introduced jewelry watch Apple Watch for the Russian elite. A new series of smart watches is called Caviar Apple Watch’epoca (“Epoch”) and dedicated to the Russian leaders of different eras.

The company has identified three key historical periods: Imperial Russia, Soviet and Modern. Each of them jewelers has devoted exclusive model, referring to images of leaders, values and symbols of these periods. Modern Russia is marked with recognizable panoramic views of Moscow, the state coat of Arms on the wheel Digital Crown and the name of President Vladimir Putin and his autograph.

Hours devoted to the Soviet era, have a rhodium finish, and the harsh grey gives them the brutality and severity. The body is decorated with engraved with the silhouette of the Kremlin and Lenin’s Mausoleum. The hammer and sickle, borrowed from the coat of arms of the Soviet Union, decorate the main control key “smart” clock.

Was created and the Imperial model of gold, it is engraved with the image patterns that mimic those that cover the Imperial throne in the Winter Palace. The inscription “Emperor” engraved font, stylized under that of the business correspondence of the eighteenth century. Then there is the personal signature of Peter I in Dutch. Wheel Digital Crown decorated with a Royal crown, a key symbol of succession in tsarist Russia.

Be inspired by the idea of Caviar can, watch the promotional video of the company:

The cost of timepieces Caviar Apple Watch’epoca varies depending on the choice of the strap (leather or steel mesh bracelet). Worth more than all the version with the signature of the President of Russia — 197, 000 (on bracelet gold plated), “Soviet” and “Imperial” versions will cost 187 000. The circulation of each edition will be 999 copies.

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