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In Russia there is no shortage of iPhone X. They are already cheaper

It seems that Apple have prepared well for the holidays: the main flagship of the company already can buy without any problems.

The start of sales of iPhone X happened historically nervous.

First Eldar Murtazin has said that Russia will bring a tiny batch of devices, so the “ten” will get only favourites.

Then people after hearing warnings from the media, lined up and occupied the shops on the day of the start of sales.

Then oborzeli the salons of communication which in the first 10 days refused to sell the iPhone X without accessories (at best) and insurance (in the worst case).

The amazing thing is that these retailers did not change its policy even after complaints and scandals. Obviously, the management of Euroset, Svyaznoy and other networks tried to weld on superpositional gadget.

Now, five weeks after the iPhone X came to Russia, it’s important to capture three trends:

1. The main flagship of the year is available almost everywhere – just open Yandex. Market, choose the store with good reviews and to place your order. The deficit is cancelled – Apple tried and provided Russia with a sufficient number of boxes with the iPhone X.

2. Retailers no longer impose insurance and accessories – tested personally. Now vendors are working according to the scheme of McDonald’s – first offer insurance, then the cover, then film and services for its gluing. If you firmly say you do not need, then you have no argument sell pure iPhone X.

3. “Dozens” significantly cheaper. For example, colleagues with [email protected] checked the market and found the 64-Gigabyte version for 72 thousand rubles. I’ll name more than the actual amount: 75-78 thousand for X iPhone 64 GB and 85-88 of thousands of iPhone for X on a 256 GB.

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We are talking about the prices of “gray” devices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In other cities, the iPhones are more expensive, but still their cost is not higher than the official marks (80/92 thousands). This means that speculators are in flight.

The most popular question is when the iPhone X will drop even more?

The honest answer is unknown, because everything is tied to the exchange rate.

But based on the dynamics of the past years, we can assume that in Jan-Feb is the most affordable “dozen” will cost less than 70 thousand. And not in one or two questionable “gray” stores, and almost everywhere. However, at this level (65-70 thousand) iPhone X freezes for a long time.


Finally three hack, based on my own experience.

1. Buy white iPhone X. firstly, Apple haven’t had really white (at least rear) iPhones. Secondly, this iPhone is no less beautiful than a black X. third, the black “top ten” for some reason, choose more often, and white got a chance to get into the mainstream.

2. Don’t be greedy and take cover. My colleague bought the iPhone X in one day. I immediately Packed my in patent leather overlay, and a friend the first two weeks were “ten” without anything. As a result, I have everything perfect, he’s got a lot of small and almost imperceptible, but annoying scratches. By the way, the case he resigned, but it was too late.

3. iPhone X on a 64 GB to buy is much cheaper than iPhone X 256 Gigi – thank you iCloud, which is now more or less convenient to use (was impossible before).

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Conclusion: if you have pending 90 thousand “ten”, it is more logical to take a set of X iPhone 64 GB and headphones AirPods than one iPhone X with infinite memory.

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