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In Russia there is a shortage of iPhone

Retailers report shortages of the iPhone in their stores. According to information re:Store there is a shortage of 64-Gigabyte iPhone 6 (they are not in every store), told the head a press-services re:Store Lyudmila Semushina. According to Svyaznoy, in anticipation of the upcoming revision of the price, people buy flagship smartphones, in particular Apple products.

The price of the base model of the iPhone 6s (16GB) in the official online Apple store in Russia in dollar – about $689 at current exchange rate. It’s cheaper than in Italy ($845), the UK ($767), France ($812), Australia ($755) and Hong Kong ($711), but still more expensive than in the US ($649) and Canada ($630).

Deficiency linked to high demand in December and early January. “The company has made the purchase for this period in advance, in the end, iPhone sales in units was in December, 37% more than last year, and for the first 10 days of January – 10% higher than sales January 2015,” says Semushina.

The deficit last year’s flagships with a storage capacity of 16 GB is also observed in the “Connected”. The representative of the retailer Maria Zaikina said that he caused a high popularity of this version in the new year period and, in particular, in the last two days, when the demand increased further under the influence of rising dollar. “A version with a different memory capacity available – we got a big delivery last week”, – said Zaikina.

Due to the very high demand for the iPhone 6 that is associated with one of the shares of MegaFon, now this device is not available in all retail outlets of the operator, his representative complains Yulia Dorokhina. However, after a few days, iPhone 6 will appear in all the salons of “MegaFon”, she promises.

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In the online store “Beeline” there is a shortage of iPhone 6s with 64GB. This mechanism has ended, only possible pickup from salons the Moscow region. The company offered the service of checking the availability of the equipment in the salons through customer service “Beeline”. Support announced the availability of the product by sending in one of the nearby salons, but there the unit was already under someone else’s reservation.

The representative of “M. Video” Yulia Zotova recognizes that some models of the iPhone can be purchased in all the chain stores, but there is no deficit – there is an increased demand for models, she says.

Retailers are afraid to buy iPhone in large volumes, telling two employee major retailers. According to them, this is due to the expectation of higher prices on the iPhone due to the adjustment of the ruble. Procurement is carried out in such a way that the ordered devices come retailers only a month, and pay for them need not in order and at the time of receipt. “All fear that at the time of receipt of the order rate will grow strongly and to refuse an order already will be” – quoted by “Vedomosti” a source in own retail.

The store representatives say that the information about the price increase on the iPhone from Apple has not yet been reported. “However, in the last three months the dollar exchange rate grows, it has increased by 30%. Fluctuations affect the costs of imported products, let it influence and pending. Therefore, it is possible that in the near future the price of foreign equipment of different brands can vary in a big way,” says the representative Svyaznoy Maria Zaikina.

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