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In Russia started production of cables with connectors USB-C

Supplier of computer cable products Greenconnect launched the production in Russia of the USB cables. the Products according to the company, suitable for both everyday and professional use, in particular, the connection of complex energy-intensive equipment. In Greenconnect indicated that the release of cables with the USB type-C they have mastered the first among Russian companies.

The new line is designed to produce a wide range of cable products with USB interface-C arranged in-house production GCR in St. Petersburg. The manufacturer notes the high quality of the cables that have passed a multi-stage testing. They fully comply with the USB standards and meet the requirements of environmental safety.

USB cables C of Greenconnect features eco-friendly material braid. For all products warranty. Available in various configurations of cables as well as any footage from 0,15 m. In particular, it is possible to select a cord of the necessary length, or order the desired quantity separately. In addition to diverse colors.

A total of Greenconnect offered more than 30 items in six categories, including cables-adapters USB-A and USB-C, extension cords and cables for fast charging.

Since the accessories are manufactured in Russia, this allows you to set them at attractive prices and to reduce the time of delivery. It is also worth noting the provision of free test samples, and the lack of minimum requirements of the party. When any order is made for a maximum of 4-10 days, the company said.

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