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In Russia sharply increased the demand for smart watches after the appearance of the Apple Watch

In Russia dramatically increased the demand for smart watches. According to the research of Yandex.Market, from June 2014 to July 2015, the number of stores offering this fashionable gadget has grown in 1,7 times, to 2 000. One of the growth drivers shaping the market, as in the segment of smartphones and tablets, is the “Apple” products.

Start Apple Watch sales in Russia have significantly fueled the market. During the four months before the start of the sellers hours other manufacturers have raised prices: from April to July 2015 the average price for smart accessory rose from 8 000 to 11 300 rubles According to Grigory Ivanov, head of electronics at <URL>, sales of smart watches are growing significantly from quarter to quarter.

The growth of the smartwatch market in Russia to 2014 is 300%, sold an average of 6 000 units per month. Experts are convinced that the pricing policy next year, a significant influence of the exchange rate. “We are seeing the same effect as that of the iPad. Prior to 2010, the tablet market more than 8 years was in its infancy. After the release of iPad 2, Apple managed to ship more than 128 million tablets, with iPhone the same thing happened, sales of the first model were minor, but Apple has managed to shake the market and pull a huge number of B – and C-brands. The Apple Watch will be the same, at first they are very much going to rock the market in the course of this year, then there will be even more models from competitors, but Apple will still have more than 50% of the market in monetary terms,” – said the Sharif karmo, founder GetShopApp.

The demand for smart watches is growing not only in Russia but in the whole world. One of the growth drivers shaping the market, as in the segment of smartphones and tablets, is Apple products, believe in J’son & Partners Consulting. Watch this vendor entered the market just recently, however it has managed to oust the previous leader.

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Analysts say that the demand for “smart” watches in Russia is markedly increased, although sales are still very small – only 50 000 units in 2014. Globally, sales figures, of course, look much more impressive. According to experts 2014 the album has sold 6.8 million smart watches. A significant proportion of these sales held gadgets Samsung: they had sold more than 1.2 million All other vendors can’t boast overcome a lath in a million. Even the bar in half overcame only four. Pebble has sold 700,000 units, Fitbit – 600 000, Sony – 550 000, and Lenovo 500 000.

This year, the situation looks quite different. The reason for that is the market Apple Watch. According to Slice Intelligence, only for the first three months after the launch of Apple Watch sales exceeded 3 million devices. This, of course, brought Apple to the top spot for sales. In particular, according to Strategy Analytics, Apple’s market share in the market of smart watches in the second quarter of 2015 in money is 75,5 %, and the share of Samsung – only 7.5 %.

According to J’son & Partners Consulting, the Russian market now features over 100 models of smart watches, most of them – at the price from 10 to 20 thousand rubles. About 50% of all devices equipped with a GPS module and 9 per slot for your SIM card.

According to J’son & Partners Consulting, the total Russian market of smart hours by 2018 could reach 1.5 million units.

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