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In Russia, represented the “Imperial” selfie-stick worth 3.8 million rubles

OUVRI, a French company introduced in Russia a jewelry “selfie-stick”. The device, released in a limited edition intended for wealthy users.

The idea of the accessory takes its roots from the philosophy OUVRI to turn ordinary everyday things into works of art with jewellery skills and conceptual ideas. Monopod for selfie in the hands of jewelers turned into a real jewel.

The appearance of the selfie-stick exterior is inspired by the legendary crown of the last monarch of France, Napoleon III. In the artistic composition of the gadget handle – gold-plated eagles and palmettes, symbolizing Imperial power and grandeur. In the process of developing sketches of the product the designer was attracted by the contemporary heirs of the Imperial family Bonaparte.

Grip accessory, made from solid silver and covered with gold of the highest quality, decorated by prominent historical terrain. Looks like it is crowned with a silver crown, while the most expensive versions of the product it is inlaid with large precious stone – diamond, sapphire or ruby.

According to OUVRI, jewelry monopod for selfie is unique in the world. In Russia Royal accessory sold only in the official online boutique and was a limited edition of 99 pieces.

The most expensive monopod OUVRI worth 3 840 000 rubles. It is made of calf leather blue silver 925-carat plated yellow gold and a large diamond weighs 2.2 carats.

This monopod offers Bluetooth headset whose design repeats earrings Princess Isabella, granddaughter of the French king Louis XV. The headset is made of white gold, adorned with three white diamonds weighing 7.5 carats, one transparent diamond weighing 2.5 carats and 270 set brilliant-cut diamonds. The gadget will cost $ 140,000.

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