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In Russia released a case that will protect from wiretapping and radio-controlled explosive devices

In our modern age of too many tools being used in order to control the ordinary citizen. Terrorist threats, monitoring anti-social elements and the precariousness of the state leads to the fact that listening to almost all . Or all. Or more than all. As if there were not, communication is no longer personal.

United instrument Corporation (UIC) has developed a small jammer that ensures hidden data protection. The new product is able to block the lines of communication and control in all ranges, including the GSM network, and prevent the triggering of radio-controlled explosive devices within a radius of several tens of meters.

Transmitter, integrated into a small “briefcase”, can be easily transported and does not attract attention.

The instrument can be used to ensure the safe movement of people and prevent acts of terrorism in places of a mass congestion of people, said the company. “Case” blocks radio signals that may trigger the detonation of an explosive device, including during mine clearing sappers charge.

In addition, the transmitter is designed to combat unauthorized access to confidential data. During the closed negotiations product “covers cover” the entire room, blocking the action of listening devices and preventing leakage of information.

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