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In Russia no problem with Apple charging electric vehicle

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a government resolution that allows to equip a gas station charging columns for vehicles with electric motors. In other words, the owners of future cars Apple will be able to use the electric cart in the Russian realities.

Installation for charging of electric vehicles included in the requirements list the minimum required services on objects of road service. The owners will now be able to legally equip their stations charging speakers and to provide services for the recharging of vehicles with electric motors. This is how I expect the government will create an incentive for the development of environmentally friendly transport in Russia.

The most famous world brand of electric cars is Tesla. Battery Tesla model S, running solely on electricity, enough on average path length of 400 kilometers. The car can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.1 seconds. According to Bloomberg, Russia now has only about 250 cars Tesla.

In mid-August, there is evidence that Apple is developing an unmanned electric car project codenamed “Titan”. It is assumed that the first model of “iCar” is almost ready and will be soon conducted its tests.

According to unofficial data, the novelty will be built on the model of the BMW i3. As previously said, the representative of the Bavarian auto giant, usually on the development of the car manufacturers, it takes up to 7 years. Requirement guide the Apple to start production of its own electric car in such a short time indicates a serious intention of the concern to compete with General Motors and Tesla Motors.

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The development of the electric vehicle is driving and the Russian “AVTOVAZ”. Machine new generation El Lada carmaker promised to release in 2015. The first production model, as acknowledged in the enterprise, “has not received commercial development.” In total we collected about a hundred cars, from them more than half the cars cost about 1 million rubles managed to sell, and about 40 of electric vehicles remained at “AVTOVAZ”.

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