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In Russia may receive an Agency for combating spam in mobile messenger

At the meeting of July 14, the chamber will discuss the possibility of creating in Russia a special Agency to combat spam in mobile messengers such as WhatsApp and Viber. The meeting will discuss the possibility of amending the rules of rendering of telephone services to ban mobile spam and “cleaning” of mobile phone numbers.

As stated by Denis Kalugin, a participant of the project “Perspective” initiated by the Public chamber to support initiatives, the organization proposes to create a special Agency that will allow us to synchronize the efforts of market participants and regulators to “cleanse” the history of telephone numbers and bindings these rooms to any current databases of promotional and informational mailings”.

As noted by Kommersant, the need to “clearance” the phone number occurs when after a period of inactivity is tied to the SIM card operators sell the room to the new subscriber. Thus if the previous owner of the number is indicated when applying for a loan together with the consent to use personal data, and not subsequently returned the money, the Bank can continue to send reminders to the new owner of the number that did not give such consent.

According to the authors, the Agency will be applied to help the subscribers to opt out of receiving any messages of a commercial nature – not only SMS, but also messages that are received through Internet messengers.

Currently the Russian legislation on advertising and communications does not apply to these programs, as they are under the jurisdiction of other countries. According to Kalugin, to eliminate the “wave of advertising traffic” in messengers of Russian operators enough to block mass mailing with foreign numbers.

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Mobile operators do not yet support the initiative and referred to the need of its study. So, MTS noted that the operators can’t block the distribution messengers technically, because I do not see the content of messages. “The emergence of a new link in the bundle subscriber-operator can hinder and prolong the solution of problems, more efficiently and effectively to solve directly,” – said the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov.

A press-the Secretary “the Megaphone” Aliya Beketova believes that to remedy the situation by messengers need to determine the normative notion of such services and to introduce to them the rules work. “In all popular instant messengers already have the ability to make a room in your own spam list. It’s even easier than an appeal to any regulatory body,” said Beketov.

At the same time, PR-Manager Viber Elena Grachev noted that the amount of spam in the service applies with Russian numbers. “It’s important to spam your friends banned at the legislative level, which will increase the efficiency of fighting with him,” says Grachev.

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