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In Russia launched the service to pay for fuel at the gas station with your smartphone [video]

The group of companies “SKON” launched a mobile application for online payment of fuel at petrol stations (gas stations). The service allows you to pay and carry out the fuel delivery with your phone, without going to the cashier.

Using the app called Benzuber, anchored to the Bank or fuel card, connected to the service system of filling stations you can pay for fuel without leaving the car.

For payment you must insert the gun into the tank, to choose the number of filling stations and columns to specify the type of fuel and number of litres or the cost of refueling. After the operations column automatically includes the fuel-dispensing column and releases the required quantity of fuel.

“Thus, from the user, the smartphone has a function of control gas stations”, – said the representative of “SKON”, noting that the application Benzuber works for smartphones based on operating systems iOS and Android.

The developers have already told about the plans of introducing the service in the Moscow region. According to them, now in addition to the Moscow region the active work on connection of networks of stations is also in Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Tyumen and Omsk. Most popular application is in Yekaterinburg, as it was the first city where there was an application.

MacDigger previously wrote about the launch in the UK of the service of payment of fuel at petrol stations via the multimedia system of the Jaguar.

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