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In Russia established the Patriotic RuGram messenger with Emoji 200 Russians with Putin, Kadyrov and the tank “Armata”

Since the formation of writing its most important element was the sign, ideogram, transmitting knowledge about subjects, emotions and feelings. Today, when all the world is digitized and “housed” in a smartphone, the signs have returned to our fellowship and life. The world’s most popular set of emoticons Emoji today by default built into all Apple gadgets, offering users solid and ready iconic system. Today, Emoji are used in private and business correspondence, they give outrageous interviews and a few companies already made of them press releases.

However, the Emoji is a simple communication tool only at first glance. The latest version, for example, has expanded to 12 varieties of same-sex families with children and kissing guys. Thus, together with the Russian gadget and the user receives the broadcast channel meanings, the content of which is chosen someone for us, sure, the activists of the project “Network”.

The developers believe that the issue of creating a national messenger is a question not only information protection, but also state ideology. In this regard, it was decided to launch a new free messenger c set of Emoji, the Russian cultural codes and with our Russian values and meanings. It is based on code Telegram messenger and its interface is adapted for Russian-speaking audience. Among the nearly 200 “Russian Emoji” you can see the Kremlin, Pushkin, Chekhov, “Armata”, Cheburashka, Stepashko, Crimea, Ramzan Kadyrov, and, of course, Vladimir Putin.

“The appointment of Emoji – to color emotionally a situation, to make it easier to understand what is meant. Set of pictures of emotions and situations comes with the phone. Despite the fact that smartphones are leaving in different countries of the world, people are asked the same set of pictures American. The majority of the proposed types of families – traditional for our culture, of the three pairs of lovers – two homosexual, bundle of dollars, shopping, gadgets – all of this very accurately describes the life and preferences of an American citizen. In this, perhaps there is no conspiracy, the developer is not obliged to consider the endless palette of national emotions. But it requires supplementation. Which we do,” said Anton Volodin, an activist of the project “Network”.

The developers decided to start with the Android platform, “as more common in Russia.” To send each other messages with the new Russian Emoji can the users who have downloaded RuGram. In January promise a version of messenger for iPhone.

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