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In Russia decided to fight bribery with Apple Pay

Non-cash payments, in particular payment service, Apple Pay, will help to tackle corruption in Russia. This was stated by the head of administration of the Governor of the Belgorod region Vladimir Zhdanov at the meeting of the regional government.

In the framework of the development of the region was proposed by the project popularization of cashless payment services and improving financial literacy of the population. In particular, in 2017 it is expected to create a new service cashless payment for goods, services and public transport. The development of Apple Pay and other payment systems will successfully fight corruption, according to officials.

“We are extremely interested in this. The more cashless, the more transparency. To non-cash circulation immediately connected the tax Inspectorate. And I need to put the task in the area was 100% cashless. Ranging from restaurants, markets, passenger transport and ending with the [commercial] networks. And then we say that we have a bribe no one will be able to give,” – said Zhdanov.

The head of the administration stressed that it’s not just about Bank cards, but also smartphones, which can now serve as payment instrument.

“We plan to not only create the possibility of payment cards, but also mobile phones, bringing them to the reading apparatus. They today are equipped with almost all outlets. You only need to bind Bank card to the mobile device. There is a payment system, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, which are now gaining popularity,” – said Zhdanov. “Each cashless transactions are public, transparent transaction,” added the official.

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