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In Russia created artificial intelligence, which has no analogues in the world

Russia has invented a new artificial intelligence, which has no analogues in the world. He is able to control cars and planes. This was told by one of the developers of the program, the doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, Moscow state automobile and road technical University (MADI) Oleg Varlamov.

For a new intelligence the power of the computer on which you install it, it doesn’t matter. From this and the prices will turn out humane. For example, installation on the car will cost 50 000 rubles and not in millions of dollars, told RG the developers of the technology. The basis taken a new approach when the program has a set of knowledge and issues them on demand, but she uses them to solve problems.

Artificial intelligence is a marketing term that until recently, not quite correctly reflect the essence of technology. To create it, says Varlamov, humanity is only suitable now. And we, in his words, pioneered artificial intelligence, not just sequentially iterates through the table data, and is able to think logically.

It justifies their decisions and can adjust them if conditions change. Thus, artificial intelligence will have the opportunity to make independent decisions in emergency situations, which until now was not available to him. “Mewarna technology, he explained, – comprising a multidimensional database and a unique algorithm of information processing, completely developed by us. All of our patented technology”.

Varlamov said that this will give the opportunity to create in Russia the search engine is much better than the existing global search engines. In the framework of its development has already launched the project of understanding natural language, not a set of words, and speech. While a robot may not participate in the conversation, continuing the chain of logic. But the new intelligence this has all the makings, he said.

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While the program is not capable of emotions, but in the future it will become a reality, as well as the training of its female logic elements, which, according to scientists, more complex than men’s. The highest level of this teachable knowledge base will be the skill to joke like a man. After all, the joke contains several meanings.

Which already use mevery in the form in which they are now? Completed projects not yet, only the pilot and implementation stages. “Based on our platform,” says the scientist, is created by the processing system of Internet addresses (“Virtual consultant”) that is embedded in the contact centers. We have created a system of demand forecasting and controlling of sales for one of the regional retailers. Working on a system that in real time harmonizes the operation of business applications”.

“In the future, artificial intelligence, laid under that program, it will be possible to carry on a flash drive. And, if necessary, to take the robot car, bike, and use, for example, for an informative walk through the city,” said the developer.

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