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In Russia created a “smart” card to replace all plastic cards [video]

Russian developers presented the new project Card, which allows you to replace all the plastic cards of the same electronic. The device was presented at the II International Orthodox youth forum.

It allows you to keep all discount cards with a magnetic strip and a barcode to your iPhone or Android device. The device allows you to combine all cards with dynamic magnetic stripe that reproduces the pre-filled data stored on the smartphone. The product can be used without Internet connection — it works in conjunction with the phone via Bluetooth.

According to statistics, the holders of discount cards in 70% of cases lose them or forget at home in that moment, when they may be needed. The creators of It claim that their device will help to permanently solve the issue.

First you need to add all of the card in a mobile application (reader for magnetic stripe cards included). When the time comes to use the discount, the user simply selects the desired card on the smartphone, and all necessary information is instantly transferred from the gadget to It. Will only need to pass the card to the cashier.

The device supports all existing types of cards with bar-code and magnetic stripe discount card, loyalty card, savings, gift and bonus cards. A universal solution compatible with any POS hardware.

To order a set Card on the official website. The cost is 8 500 rubles, set of two cards are offered at a price of 12 900 rubles.

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