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In Russia collapsed the price of “gray” smartphones

The experts found excitement in the grey market of electronics in Russia. The price of gadgets has fallen sharply, the difference compared with the official up to 50%. So, the flagship Apple smartphone from unofficial sellers you can buy with up to 16 000 rubles.

Recently, the official retailers started to reduce the prices of the Apple smartphones. Now is the turn to informal providers, which recently lowered the cost of many gadgets is much below the recommended. This is the resource of Hi-Tech.Mail, citing its own research.

It is noted that Samsung has installed on the Galaxy S7 in Russia the recommended price of 49 990 rubles: this price is found in most official retailers (Eldorado, M. Video, OZON, and others). However, on the grey market you can find Samsung Galaxy S7 for just 37 700 rubles, which is 12 290 rubles below the official price (“Reprocenter”).

Almost at the same distance, hold the “white” and “gray” version of the LG G5 SE: producers set a price of 49 990 rubles, however, informal retailers from “Mobile yard” offer to buy the smartphone for only 37 000.

An even more significant difference is observed in Apple gadgets: Russian at a recommended price 56 990 rubles online shopping DigCell and Kupi-Msk sell the iPhone 6s in 40 990 rubles — less than 16 000.

On top of “gray” Olimp is located Chinese devices Huawei Mate 8. For “white smartphone developers are asked to 54 990 rubles, and the “grey” suppliers (shop Greenbooki) are willing to give the gadget in only 28 800 rubles — almost half the price.

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Experts explained this decline in prices, the strengthening of the ruble. “The dollar has decreased, and, since most retailers buy goods in dollars, the final price is also lower, nothing surprising in this. The official price does not change as quickly, but if we speak about Samsung, the company promptly reacts to changes in the market and authorized Resellers may give some additional bonus on these machines to lower RRC, say, up to 44 990 rubles,” — noted in the study.

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