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In Russia accused of piracy legal online library for smartphones

Publishing house “Prospect” has filed a lawsuit against book app Bookmate, accusing him of illegal distribution of published law textbooks. This is Russia’s first lawsuit against online legal library, filed under “anti-piracy” law.

Pirate law books Publishing house “Prospect” has filed a court action against the book service Bookmate. The lawsuit was filed under the “anti-piracy” law that allows owners of intellectual property rights to seek to block access to sites infringing on their rights, says Cnews.

Bookmate – reading service for legal e-books on your mobile phone, tablet or on the web interface for a monthly fee. Service was made by Russians, its headquarters is located in London. In addition to Russia, Bookmate operates in several countries in South-East Asia and Latin America.

The court made the ruling on preliminary injunctive relief, prohibiting Bookmate to spread the opposed textbooks: “Logic for lawyers” (author – Yury Ivlev), “Civil law” (the authors – S. S. S. Alekseev, B. Gongalo, D. Murzin., S. Stepanov, G. Pilikin, V. Prokhorenko.), “Rossi constitutional right”and (E. Kozlova, O. Kutafin)”, “Social philosophy” (the author – P. Alekseev.) and “Logic” (V. Kirillov, A. Starchenko).

Now the claim will be considered on its merits. The court’s decision is expected in January 2016. “Conveyor” of the decision in this case was not possible to take – we work strictly within the framework of existing legislation”, – explained the managing Director of Bookmate, Andrew Baev.

From 1 may 2015 in Russia came into force on the expanded edition of “anti-piracy” law that allows owners of rights to all kinds of content (except photos) to achieve block access to sites infringing on their rights. To do this, the owner must apply to the Moscow city court on adoption of provisional interim measures in respect of illegal sites, in the event of default of which Roskomnadzor will block access to them.

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Book sites often fall under this law. Lock Roskomnadzor has already been Flibusta and, for some time blocked access to the library Litmir. In addition, the number of blocked sites from school textbooks and reshebnik. But the claim to legal online the library under this law is served for the first time.

Bookmate is not the first time faced with the threat of restricting access in Russia. In 2013 users of “Rostelecom” began to complain about the lack of service. It turned out that the Prosecutor’s office Kstovo (Nizhny Novgorod region) has demanded that Rostelecom block access to the service because of the presence in it of the books of Igor Sinjajevina “the Path of truth”, previously recognized as extremist.

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